Monday, March 29, 2010

Quiting Day 17

So as the days slowly go by...and yes at certain times very slow... I realise that it is a very hard task... it is a very tedious one. How many days do i have left??? oh forever right. I think about the fact that it might just be easier to go back to the lazy days of smoking... but then i hear things like...

1. your face has a glow to it
2. you have so much more energy
3. i am proud and impressed....

man, it's a bitch but everyday it is worth it... it is worth me thinking i can taste one every now and then... worth me thinking that hey can i sneak one??? no f-ing way crazy lady... guess what you have to be one of those non-smokers now, and as the goober are getting thicker...i am grateful that my body has started to decide that healing is ready to start...bring it!!!

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