Tuesday, April 27, 2010

day 46

the days flew by but sadly last night i had 5 cigs...

i am saying it's ok as long as i learn from this and come out of it stronger and even more convicted to this...and anyone asking...i am keeping my 46 days! ha!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Quit Day 26

Holly freaking smokes... really that long? Awesome!
It has been a journey and everyday that i have a million craves...I am a million times stronger for seeing the truth of the quit pledge. I know (no matter how bad i want it) if i have that one innocent smoke...it won't feel dramatic and I will try and sneak in another and another...so, instead I just keep becoming stronger and stronger...

As you can see even my need to post every 5 mins is waning. I believe it is because i don't have the constant fear of relapsing, or the constant ciggy thought...so yeah look forward to some better FASHIONABLE MOMO (and MUGS) post...cause it summer and my camera is finding it's way out of the bag more and more. But first how to organize those photos on my computer??? Hmmm? Any suggestions invisible world :)


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