Sunday, May 20, 2007

Birthday Celebration

It was a full day of puppies, chihuahua's and more puppies- bring on the birthday cake!!!
Beverly with "Blondy's Chihuahua's" may be one of the greatest breeders of chi's. Not only does she love everyone of her past, present and future dogs but she celebrates them with love and care. She held a party for our litter of mo, marley and molly. Birthday cake, balloons, and treats. I believe at one point there were 20 dogs running around at the party... (including 10 little puppies some still available) check out the photo, I have so many it's hard to pick!

part 2

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Part 3

Friday, May 18, 2007


So tired and not even in the thick of it...
Pre-spring /resort is in official works. Too bad I can't get the phone to hear me too- I hardly got anything done with all the calls and other office details!
It's going to be a fantastic season. The colors are bright the detail are edgy... I'm very excited-
sorry I won't let the secret out yet but will post as soon as they are finish
(the shoot will be in June)

it's his birthday

Tomorrow is Momo's birthday celebration...
I will be posting a photo montage of all the cutenesses and hoping I don't come back with a new puppy (I promised momo a sister in 2 years)
for now here is a picture of the running man-
he goes so fast - too bad we missed the chihuahua races!

Monday, May 7, 2007

momo back from the vet

This is the picture I forgot to post-
His collar read "MO Knight" so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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