Thursday, May 7, 2009


Searching for a new roommate... going to strike it out on my own without Tim for a while. Kinda sad, but hopefully for the best. Looking for a roomie in NY is common but who knew it was so hard? Besides a parade of strangers, you are forced to make snap judgments and rely on first impressions. It's like a blind date that you are forced to stay with ha!

Mo and Mugs will sorely miss dad a lot and without being a hard-ass so will I but I think he will enjoy his place, and he's not too far so the kids can still have sleep overs :)

Fashionable update- it's been a while so I am not sure if I said but working at Chris Benz now... check out his site- so far I'm having an over worked blast!

I will update when I have found the one... plus I will try and keep up with this blog more.
(Not that it has a hug audience)


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