Friday, July 16, 2010

Moving Day

The day is finally here...
Packing is done, good-byes are said, Harlem here I come.
I went to pick up my keys Thursday and I have never felt so amazed, so excited so thrilled. This is my home, I will not be sharing it, it is not temporary, it is happy happy place for me.

Saturday morning I will try the moving company route- first time I am depending on someone to do my dirty work...yes i am nervous that they won't show, that they will drop everything and that they will take off with my stuff in the van... but dude I am going to a 5th floor walk up...i want to keep the few friends I have.

Mo Mo and Mugs are at their wits end... they have no idea what is going on, but they will and soon they will have an amazing place to call their own- yep without the cat hahaha

So, with thanks to Brooklyn I saw so long suckas....

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